10 Fascinating Scientific Facts About Fonts

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There is a lot more to the selection of fonts than meets the eye. For example, some fonts are more trustworthy than others. If you want to convey that you are an honest person, stick with Baskerville. If you own a restaurant, you can splash fancy fonts on your menu to give your new chef instant credibility.

Here are ten scientific facts about fonts that should help you in everyday life, or at least give you food for thought.

Read the the whole thing at Creative Market.

Check out Placemat


I just stumbled onto a new image placeholder site called Placemat. You give Placemat three ‘endpoints’ or subjects which can be people, places, or things.  Like so:

But it gets better because you can add parameters like height and width:

Or color overlays and filters:

I can see already that I’ll be using this service quite a bit.