Art Foundation

This degree develops students’ skill sets and portfolios to facilitate successful transfer to any art school in the country. The curriculum features a solid foundation in drawing, form, color, space, and motion, preparing the transfer student with skill sets to enter any professional art concentration.

Degree Overview

Associate in Arts Degree, Curriculum Code: 1716 (Effective Fall 2014 – Summer 2019.) This degree is designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a baccalaureate degree in this subject area. Students completing this curriculum will also satisfy the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) between two-year and four-year institutions in Michigan and qualify for an LCC Transfer Studies Certificate of Achievement (1482).


Students should see the Course Descriptions for course prerequisite information. See the Advising page for skills assessment and advising information.


Below you will find the required courses and the recommended course sequence. For more detailed information go to the Course Descriptions page.

Requirements credit hours
ARTS102 Design & Communication 3
ARTS103 3-Dimensional Design 3
ARTS104 4-Dimensional Design 3
ARTS131 Drawing I 3
ARTS132 Figure Drawing 3
ARTS151 Color 3
English Composition credit hours
English Composition 4
English Composition (2nd) or Communication 4
Humanities and Fine Arts credit hours
2 courses each from a different discipline 8
Mathematics credit hours
1 course from Quantitative Reasoning, College Algebra or Statistics 4
Natural Sciences credit hours
2 courses each from a different discipline, one must be a lab 8
Social Science credit hours
2 courses each from a different discipline 8
Recommended Electives credit hours
ARTS130 Masterpieces of Art & Music 3
ARTS140 Printmaking I 3
ARTS162 Type Communications 3
ARTS171 Comp Graphics/Digital Imaging 3
ARTS200 Painting I 3
ARTS210 Contemporary Art 4
ARTS211 Art History to the Renaissance 4
ARTS212 Art Hist from the Renaissance 4

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