Art History

The visual image has been an important vehicle for communication in many societies, and in today’s culture it increasingly displaces words and texts. Because art reflects major ideas, issues, values, institutions and individual concerns of societies, Art History can help us gain an understanding of the individual and cultural identity throughout history from around the world. For more information please visit Art History’s page on

Degree Overview

Associate in Arts Degree Curriculum Code: 0746 (Effective Fall 2002 – Summer 2017). This degree is designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a baccalaureate degree in this subject area. Students completing this curriculum will also satisfy the MACRAO Transfer Agreement between two-year and four-year institutions in Michigan. General education and subject area requirements vary from one college or university to another.


Students should see the Course Descriptions for course prerequisite information. See the Advising page for skills assessment and advising information.


Below you will find the required courses and the recommended course sequence. For more detailed information go to the Course Descriptions page.

Requirements credit hours
ARTS211 Art History to the Renaissance 4
ARTS212 Art History from the Renaissance 4
HUMS160 Mythology 4
PHIL211 World Philosophies I 4
PHIL212 World Philosophies II 4
RELG211 World Religions I 4
RELG212 World Religions II 4
General Education MACRAO Requirements credit hours
Science and Mathematics 8
Social Science 8
General Education Core Requirements credit hours
Communications Core Area 3-4
Mathematics Core Area 0-4
Science Core Area 0-5
Writing Subchoice A (complete one course) credit hours
WRIT121 Composition I 4
WRIT131 Honors Composition I 4
Writing Subchoice B (complete one course) credit hours
ENGL122 Writing About Literature & Ideas 4
ENGL132 Honors Writing-Literature & Ideas 4
WRIT122 Composition II 4
WRIT132 Honors Composition II 4
Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area Option (complete one course) credit hours
HUMS213 World Civilizations I 4
HUMS214 World Civilizations II 4
Related Courses (complete one course) credit hours
ENGL211 World Literature I 4
ARTS130 Masterpieces of Art & Music 4
HUMS215 American Civilization 4
Any foreign language with course numbers 201 or 202 4

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