Computer Graphics Animation AAA

Computer graphics animators are artists who design for video, video games, film and the Internet and use the computer as their primary tool. They use computers to create the large series of pictures that form the animated images or special effects seen in movies, television programs and computer games. Some may create storyboards for commercials, movies and animated features.

Degree Overview

Associate in Applied Arts Degree, Curriculum Code: 0284 (Effective Fall 2012 – Summer 2017). An associate in applied arts degree is available in Computer Graphics Animation.


Students should see the Course Descriptions for course prerequisite information. See the Advising page for skills assessment and advising information.


Below you will find the required courses and the recommended course sequence. For more detailed information go to the Course Descriptions page.

First Semester credit hours
ARTS102 Design & Communication 3
ARTS131 Drawing I 3
ARTS171 Comp Graphics/Digital Imaging 3
PHYS120 The Art of Physics 4
Limited Choice Option 6-8
Second Semester credit hours
ARTS103 3-Dimensional Design 3
ARTS132 Figure Drawing 3
ARTS151 Color 3
ARTS173 Computer Graphics/Web Design 3
Summer Semester credit hours
DMAC130 Digital Video Production 4
Limited Choice Option 6-8
Fourth Semester credit hours
ARTS216 Humorous Illustration I 3
ARTS229 Comp Graphics/2-D Animation 3
ARTS234 Comp Graphics/3-D Animation I 3
ARTS211 Art History to the Renaissance 4
Fifth Semester credit hours
ARTS153 Image and Idea 3
ARTS226 Storyboards & Animatics 2
ARTS212 Art History from the Renaissance 4
ARTS234 Comp Graphics/3-D Animation II 3

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