Computer Graphics Web Design CA

Multimedia designers are computer artists who use electronic tools to create interactive art. Usually working as part of a team, multimedia designers work with animators, photographers, audio and video producers, writers and others.

Degree Overview

Certificate of Achievement, Curriculum Code: 1449 (Effective Fall 2008 – Summer 2013). This certificate of achievement is designed for students who hold a post secondary degree (A.A.,B.A., B.F.A., or M.F.A.) in the visual arts and wish to acquire or enhance their computer graphics skills to prepare for employment in the web design field.


Students should see the Course Descriptions for course prerequisite information. See the Advising page for skills assessment and advising information.


Below you will find the required courses and the recommended course sequence. For more detailed information go to the Course Descriptions page.

First Semester credit hours
ARTS151 Color 3
ARTS162 Type Communications 3
ARTS171 Computer Graphics/Digital Imaging 3
ARTS173 Computer Graphics/Web Design 3
Second Semester credit hours
ARTS229 Computer Graphics/Advanced Web Design 3
CITD120 SQL Concepts 2
CITP110 Intro to Computer Programming 4
CITW160 Developing Pages for the Web 3
Third Semester credit hours
ARTS236 Comp Graphics and Production 3
ARTS269 The Portfolio 2
CITW165 Advanced Web Development 3
CITW175 Web Site Management 3
Fourth Semester credit hours
ARTS226 Storyboards & Animatics 3
ARTS237 Computer Graphics/Flash Game Design 3

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