Setting Up FTP Accounts

  1. Rename the folders
    Rename the class FTP folders so students can still show their work but won’t be able to make changes. Our convention is to add an underscore then the semester and year on the end. So arts173 becomes arts173_fa18 for Fall Semester of 2018 as an example.
  2. Copy the folders
    Open the folder .master-folders and COPY the appropriate folder(s). There’s a read-me file in there, too.
  3. Generate the passwords
    Fill out the password maker form at
  4. Enter the passwords
    1. Log into cPanel then click FTP Accounts.
    2. Most of the accounts already exist so it’s faster to use the search feature. There are accounts that look very similar so be sure you change the password on the correct account. web105 looks a lot like vweb105.
    3. Go back to the password generator and copy out the password and paste it into both the password fields in cPanel.
  5. Test
    It’s a good idea to test some of the accounts in your FTP app to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.
  6. EMail the passwords
    Now you need to email the passwords to the instructor. You can do a quick copy and paste of the table but the email looks nicer if you paste the HTML table. View the generated source of the output from the password maker then around line 124 you’ll see the source HTML for the table.

Screen Caps